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  • © Abhay Rustum Sopori
  • © Abhay Rustum Sopori
Living Traditions

Abhay Sopori Santoor & ensemble


31.10.2013 – 20:00

Musée des Instruments de Musique
Montagne de la Cour 2
B-1000 Brussels

Info / tickets

T 02 545 01 30

 9€ > 7€

Organisation: ICCR, MIM,  Europalia International

Abhay Sopori has the santour in his blood: son, grandson and disciple of two santour masters, he was brought up in an appropriate musical and spiritual environment to stimulate his art. Showing extraordinary maturity by mastering his instrument at a young age, Sopori completed his training by studying Western classical music. He is known for the clarity of the notes he produces, for his melodic sequences, and sustained rhythms. Through his santour playing, Sopori has even started a new craze in India for the art and culture of Jammu and Kashmir, Indian states closely associated with the instrument. His vocal accompaniment to the santour gives his concerts an absolutely unique and intense quality.

Accompanied by: Mithilesh Jha, tabla - Pradip Sarkar, base Tabla - Parveen Sethi,  Indian Percussions - B.K. Dutta, Tanpura / Technical - Shubham Sarkar,  Tanpura - Kulwant Kour,  Sur-Santoor.

Organisation: ICCR, MIM, Europalia International

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