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  • Adivasi Sidi Dhamal Goma Party led by Shri Hanif Bhai free of rights
  • Adivasi Sidi Dhamal Goma Party led by Shri Hanif Bhai free of rights
Living Traditions

Adivasi Sidi Dhamal Goma Party Led by Shri Hanif Bhai


14.10 > 26.10.2013

Different places and schools

Tour in different cities and schools in Wallonia and Brussels

Organisation: ICCR, Fédération des Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie-Bruxelles, Europalia International


19.10.2013 – 20:15

Foyer culturel
Rue du Centre 80
B-4140 Sprimont

Info / Tickets

T 04 382 29 67

12€ > 8€

Organisation: ICCR, Foyer culturel de Sprimont, Europalia International


27.10.2013 - 15:00 > 19:00

Gare Saint Sauveur
Boulevard Jean Baptiste Lebas
F-59000 Lille

Info / tickets

T + 33 (0)3 28 52 30 00

we > su

free entrance

Organisation: ICCR, lille3000, Europalia International

Descendants of a black Sufi tribe originating from East Africa, the Sidi Goma first arrived in India in the 13th century. They were able to preserve their African dance and music tradition. During their powerful rhythmic rituals, the dancers enter into a trance. Sustained by the steadily intensifying music, they gradually attain ecstasy, breaking coconuts on their heads at its climax! The rituals of the Sidi Goma also include malonga solos – a stringed instrument that resembles the Brazilian berimbau – and quieter devotional parts, with prayers (Zikr) and chanting (baithi, dhamal and qawwali). The energy and exuberance of the Sidi Goma are contagious, their rituals hypnotic, and their traditions – at the crossroads of India and Africa – fascinating. Their performances are moments of unforgettable rapture.

Musicians: Allarakha Abdulhanif Mukindo, Jahid Mahmadbhai Makwana, Samir Minajbhai Nobi, Sohil Subhanbhai Nobi, Mukhitiyar Safimamad Makwa, Adil Abdulhanif Mukindo, Imtiyaz Ismailbhai Makwana, Imran Bilabhai Makwa.

Organisation: ICCR, lille3000, Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie – Bxl, Europalia International