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Charishnu by Leela SamsonLeela Samson, one of India’s illustrious dancers brings together in this brilliant and rare production, several pre-eminent dancer- choreographers and their troupes to showcase the richness (...) Living Traditions

Attakkalari Centre For Movement Arts

Attakkalari Centre For Movement Arts Meidhwani / Echoes of the bodyMeidhwani, a combination of the words mei (body in Tamil) and dwhani (echo in Sanskrit), is the physical translation of emotions, loneliness and fragility of the human being (...) Body

Vidha & Abhimanyu Lal

Vidha & Abhimanyu Lal Vidha and Abhimanyu Lal, husband and wife, are world famous kathak dancers. The practice of this sacred dance from the north of India was originally reserved to men who still sometimes perform the female (...) Living Traditions

Alarmel Valli

Alarmel Valli Bharata natyam dance Trained with the greatest bhârata natyam gurus, Alarmel Valli has developped her own choreographic style by studying the ancient Indian dances. Inspired by the classic Indian dance, (...) Living Traditions

Kapila Venu

Kapila Venu Kutiyattam dance Kapila Venu started performing kutiyattam at an early age. This danced ritual theatre which is performed in Sanskrit originated in Kerala and has become extremely rare. After declaring (...) Living Traditions

Kerala Kalamandalam

Kerala Kalamandalam "Balivadhom" danse KathakaliKathakali is a form of dance-drama that originated in Kerala. Extremely ritualised and dramatic, it dates back several centuries, and was as such recognised by UNESCO as part (...) Living Traditions

Panghat Performing Arts Group

Panghat Performing Arts Group Gujarati dance The Panghat troupe is from Ahmedabad in Gujarat, a state in northwest India. The region is well known for its wide variety of folk dances - some of which said to have been passed on by Krishna (...) Living Traditions

Indomania Nights

Indomania Nights Europalia.india’s major exhibition Indomania explores the perception Western artists have had of India throughout the ages. As from thrusday, the exhibition will offer a new and unique experience to (...)

Belgium meets Bollywood

Belgium meets Bollywood Bollywood. That is what the Indian, Hindi-language film industry is called. A Bollywood film is filled with music and dance, Bollywood dance is joyful and accessible to the general public. The dance genre (...) Bollywood & Beyond

Milaap / Encounters

Milaap / Encounters  Silent conversations between the Sapera 'sDocumentary & Musical EncountersBelgium Meets IndiaA film by Maïté BaillieulIn Milaap, Belgian Maya is filmed while she tries to realize her dream to make (...) Indomania

Visions of India by JOJI INC

Visions of India by JOJI INC B.C Manjunath, mridangam & Johanne Saunier, Jim Clayburgh, Ine Claes, dance, Joachim Lacrosse, sitar Indomania

Et maintenant on va où? On va ensemble

Et maintenant on va où? On va ensemble Ionah Trio: Abhisek Lahiri, sarod - Partha Sarathi Mukherjee, tablâ - Hideaki Tsuji, guitar & Yentl De Werdt, danceBelgium Meets IndiaNewly created for the Europalia festival.Three musicians, three dancers (...) Indomania

Kalpana Raghuraman

Kalpana Raghuraman Concept & choreography: Kalpana Raghuraman Kalpana Raghuraman was born and raised in The Netherlands. Her mother taught her Bharata Natyam from an early age and led her on the path from which (...) Diaspora

Revanta Sarabhai

Revanta Sarabhai LDR - Long Distance RelationshipRevanta Sarabhai/ Korzo productionsRevanta Sarabhai is a dancer, choreographer, multimedia designer and independent filmmaker. He performed his first classical Indian dance (...) Diaspora