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The Body in Indian Art

The Body in Indian Art Whoever admires Indian statuary or Moghul miniatures, who is interested in its tradition of physical culture, massage, the practice of medicine, dance, who observes Indian women dressed in their shimmering (...) Body


Indomania From Rembrandt to the Beatles In 1498, Vasco da Gama opened the sea route to India. Jesuits and European traders flooded the Indian coast, sending back accounts of the splendour of the Mughal Empire and (...) Indomania

Art Walk: Water

Art Walk: Water Since ancient times, water has played a significant role in India. As illustration of this, the river goddess Sarasvati has been revered and worshipped since the Vedic period (2000 B.C.500 B.C.). Just (...) Water

Unveiling India

Unveiling India The early lensmen (1850-1910)The exhibition will look at the first photography in India and its commercial followers, with a superb selection of negatives and vintage prints, shown for the first time in (...) Indomania

The splendor of India's architectural heritage

The splendor of India's architectural heritage The exhibition presents the rich architectural tradition of the Indian subcontinent through several emblematic examples. After a broad introduction to the original Hindu architectural tradition, the focus (...) Living Traditions


Sari The magic of Indian WeavesThe deep involvement and complete sense of identity of the Indian woman with the sari, has made her resist the pressure to change her style of dress, inadvertently providing continuity (...) Living Traditions


Ramayana Miniatures from the National Museum of New DelhiApart from the Mahabharata, the Ramayana is one of the two most important classic hindu epics in India. It is one of the apogees of the world literature. (...) Living Traditions

Living Objects

Living Objects Made for IndiaConsidering the plurality and diversity of Indian culture and material environment, the exhibition will not be a factual documentary but instead an invitation to explore and enjoy the duality (...) Living Traditions

Sanskrit and Indian culture: voyages

Sanskrit and Indian culture: voyages Sanskrit is sometimes called the Latin of India. This comparison goes beyond the fact that both are classical languages: just like Latin did in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Sanskrit also spread (...) Diaspora

The four worlds of a Maharaja

The four worlds of a Maharaja Indian miniature paintings and drawingsAbout 40 miniatures and 20 sketches (17th to 19th Century), reflect the daily life of the maharaja, centered around 4 main components: the worshiping of gods, love, (...) Living Traditions

Indian Studio

 Indian Studio Johan MuyleIn 1995, JOHAN MUYLE finds himself in India for the first time. There he discovers the art of ‘movie poster painting.’ Inspired by these large-format paintings, he accomplishes several monumental (...) Indomania

Hello! Brussels? This is Gaipajama calling!

Hello! Brussels? This is Gaipajama calling! After he became the editor of Le Petit Vingtième, in 1928, it was not long before Hergé sent his young hero Tintin on adventures around the World.Tintin stopped in India several times. On the first occasion (...) Indomania

Images of a forgotten meeting 1850-1950

Images of a forgotten meeting 1850-1950 KADOC presents its archive of 150 years of Belgian presence in India. This collection not only includes traditional archive materials (letters, notes...), but also photographs and films. Together, they (...) Indomania

Jean Robie

Jean Robie Painter, writer and his journey in IndiaThis exhibition showcases the work of the Brussels-born painter Jean-Baptiste Robie (1821-1910). Best know for his still life work rather than for his oriental landscapes, (...) Indomania

Nalini Malani

Nalini Malani Beyond print. History, transference, montageThe exhibition will for the first time exhibit Nalini Malani’s work in Belgium. It consists of two parts, the first being a selection of art works that illustrate (...) India Tomorrow

Bert Danckaert: no exit the extra's

Bert Danckaert: no exit the extra's Organisation: BOZAR EXPO Coproduction: Roberto Polo Gallery 

Maakbaarheid van de stad

Maakbaarheid van de stad Le Corbusier / Chandigarh :: Kortrijk / EurometropoolOrganisation: Archipel ism Leiedal & Eurometropool 

"Art Classes Project"

Olivier FinnThe exhibitions are the result of a collaboration between children, artists and students in a sociocultural, artistic project in India.OrganizerOlivier Finn 0486/52.21.27 - olivierfinn@gmail.comIn (...)

Fragments of India

Fragments of India Photographies by Bénédicte Meekers Organisation: Archives et Bibliothèques de l’ULB

Large Mountain

Large Mountain Anish KapoorCreated in 1994 and exhibited for the very first time, Large Mountain by Anish Kapoor is a sculpture that impresses through its size, unique shape and the mystery that surrounds it. Through (...) Diaspora

India... «Beyond the Colors»

India... «Beyond the Colors» Photographies by Dominique PirnayOrganisation: Théâtre Marni

Diamonds of Art Brut

Diamonds of Art Brut Inspired by Nek Chand an artistic and social projectCharity project during which sculptures of psychiatric patients inspired by Nek Chand will be briefly presented and will then be auctioned.Art auction (...)

Durga Puja

Durga Puja Exposition de photographies de Géraldine LangloisPhotographies by Geraldine LangloisOrganisation: Geraldine Langlois, commune d'Ixelles 

Mineralenrijkdom uit het land van de Maharadja’s

Mineralenrijkdom uit het land van de Maharadja’s Small exhibition on the Indian minerals of the Mineralogical Museum in Antwerp.Organisation: Academie voor Mineralogie

"Corner Street Magic"

Photographies by Thomas Vanden DriesscheWithin the labyrinth of the insanitary and evil-smelling alleyways of Kathputli's slum, the extraordinary or even magic can happen at any moment. Almost half (...)


Indi-GO Indigo is often called "the seventh colour" of the rainbow: the main theme of this photo exhibition of my trip to North India.  Rajasthan is undoubtedly the most colourful State of India: flashing (...)

On the road to India

On the road to India Un ingénieur français dans le Tamil Nadu Exhibition on the collection of the French engineer Pierre-Eugène Lamairesse, who traveled in Indiain the 19th Century.> Virtual TourOrganisation: Ville de (...)

The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall Max Pinckers (1988, Brussel) travelled in 2012 to India, where he submerged himself in the film industry. The photographic series The Fourth Wall is the result of his fascination for the vast impact of (...) Bollywood & Beyond

Art and science from India

Art and science from India Since its very beginning in the Indus valley, the Indian civilization has contributed to science in an original and generally unheralded way. Some of its contributions are the decimal system that spread (...) Living Traditions

India meets MAS

 India meets MAS The MAS Museum organises a vertical tour through the museum and puts the spotlights on its Indian collection, focusing on the theme of ‘encounters’.The MAS Museum also frees the stage for the younger (...) Indomania