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It has become a tradition on the occasion of the Europalia festivals: libraries participate in the project and organise events themed around the hosted country. This year again, several library networks will take part in the celebration by offering workshops, conferences, themed weeks, screenings of films related to India. Some will also seize this opportunity to enlarge their collections of Indian books and films. Europalia.india will be celebrated all over Belgium through the network of participating libraries. Europalia.india’s website will display links to the various networks which will in turn direct users to the individual programmes of the libraries.

Réseaux de bibliothèques francophones avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Service de la Lecture publique

* la Bibliothèque publique centrale du Brabant Wallon > PDF

* la Bibliothèque centrale pour la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale 

* la Bibliothèque centrale du Hainaut 

* la Bibliothèque centrale de la Province de Liège 

* la Bibliothèque centrale de la Province de Luxembourg 

* la Bibliothèque centrale de la Province de Namur

Netwerk van de Nederlandstalige bibliotheken

* LOCUS, Vlaams steunpunt voor bibliotheken

* Provinciaal Bibliotheekcentrum Antwerpen

* West-Vlaams Informatienetwerk van Openbare Bibliotheken

* Streekgericht Bibliotheekbeleid Oost-Vlaanderen

* Streekgericht Bibliotheekbeleid Vlaams-Brabant

* Provinciaal Steunpunt Limburgse Bibliotheken

* Streekgericht Bibliotheekbeleid Brussel

Bibliothèques de Valenciennes

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