• ATMOSPHERE(c)Monte Verita

Atmosphere On the occasion of the anniversary festival 45/25



23 04 '16 - 20:00

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Production: Kunst/Werk
Co-production: Europalia, Platform 0090
With the support of : Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Marc Vanrunxt creates choreographies inspired by the personality of the performers. He extracts something sparkling (referring to the French word “brilliance”) from these individuals, which he then magnifies. His made-to-measure approach will also be true of this Turkish/Belgian coproduction. The encounter with 4 Turkish dancers gives the choreographer the opportunity to explore themes and variations that form the basis of his oeuvre such as time (duration) and space (near and distant), with a generation of dancers who have a different training, culture and political background. He takes inspiration from the power, the perseverance and the weakness and doubting of people and prefers to focus on the dancing person rather than the dancer.