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E25 On the occasion of the anniversary festival 45/25



07 10 '15 > 24 01 '16

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Centre for Fine Arts
Rue Ravenstein 23
B-1000 Brussels




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By Marie-Françoise Plissart & Jacques André

Anniversaries and commemorations are an opportunity to take stock of the past. At Europalia, we are seizing this opportunity to look towards the future. In effect, 2015 marks an important milestone in the already rich history of the festival.

A new mission and visual identity also involve a new philosophy for the festival. It is this aspect in particular that we want to translate in a film, not a documentary but an artistic piece. To do this, EUROPALIA has called upon the talents of filmmakers Marie-Françoise Plissart and Jacques André. Both have a passion for urbanisation, architecture and the theatres of life, to which they add a spirit of discovery and an alternative worldview. They immediately saw the potential of “bridges” as a challenging theme to share and explore further. A bridge links individuals, and therefore, also ideas. A bridge establishes connections between cultures. A bridge can be both a model of ingenuity and a source of inspiration for artists, writers, painters and filmmakers. In other words, the bridge is a perfect metaphor for what EUROPALIA represents.

“From the outset, the form of a “bridge” imposed itself, like a new figure on the horizon, open to expectation and exploration, appropriate in all its apparent simplicity to the project of constructing a portrait of a festival, EUROPALIA, and more specifically, since 25 editions, the festival’s dedication to opening up here – Brussels, Belgium and beyond – to the arrival of artworks from elsewhere. An adventure began: linking real bridges, past, present and future, to be explored like living artworks, always reinterpreting and clarifying to rub up against each other; finding echoes between distant shores; inventing peripheral shortcuts. To create these connections, we turned to the works by filmmakers already featured in the festival and when we discovered scenes in which bridges beat like the privileged pulse of our world, we kept traces in the form of sound bites.  E25 translates our commitment to building bridges towards perceiving the unnoticed or the over familiar.” - Jacques André