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Karagöz The art of shadows



31 10 '15 > 24 01 '16

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Place du Châtelet 9
B- 4960 Malmedy

Opening hours

31 10 '15 > 04 11 '15: 10:00–18:00
04 11 '15 > 24 01 '16: 10:00–17:00

Monday (except school breaks)


T 080 799 668


Adults: 6€
Seniors >65: 5€
Groups (min. 15 people): 5€
Children <5: free 
Youth 6>12: 3€
Students: 5€
Schools: 3€
Art. 27: –1,25 €


Guided tours

30€ + 5€/person
Max 20 people
T 080 799 668


EUROPALIA, Malmundarium, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, Cengiz Özek Shadow Theatre - Kukla Festivalı / Istanbul International Puppet Festival

Curator: Cengiz Özek 

During the golden days of Istanbul, the traditional shadow puppet theatre Karagöz - literally «the black eye» - could be seen on street corners and in squares, where all-round artists entertained the Ottoman audience with shadow puppet comedies. This name comes from the protagonist, Karagöz, a popular illiterate. Accompanied by his best friend Hacivat, highly educated and elitist, he holds an ironic mirror up to Istanbul.  This is illustrated through stereotypes of the Ottoman Empire (the aristocrat, the Greek, the Frenchman, the lady and the gentleman) and we encounter many shamanic characters (the witch, the demon, the spirit). 

The exhibition, curated by the puppet master Cengiz Özek, gives an overview of all the aspects of the traditional shadow puppet theater. We see historical shadow puppets from the 18th and 19th centuries and get an insight into the craft of doll making and the métier of doll manipulation. A literal look behind the scenes of the traditional Turkish shadow puppet theatre.