• Mustafa Ozkent
  • Mustafa Ozkent © Erkan Sevenler
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Mustafa Özkent & Belçika Orkestrası

Brussels - Köln - Utrecht


20 11 '15 - 19:00

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Ancienne Belgique
Boulevard Anspach 110
B-1000 Brussels


13€ or 18€ for combiticket with Mustafa Özkent


EUROPALIA, Ancienne Belgique, les Ateliers Claus, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey


21 11 '15 - 20:00

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Stadthalle Köln Mülheim
Jan-Wellem-Straße 2
DE-51065 Köln


EUROPALIA, Weekend Festival, Türkische Delikatessen Festival, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey


22 11 '15 - 19:00

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Le Guess Who? Festival
Helling 7
NL- 3523 CB Utrecht


EUROPALIA, Le Guess Who? Festival, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey 

Although relatively unknown, the Turkish composer, arranger and musician, Mustafa Özkent, is nonetheless an important figure in the Turkish music scene. Western audiences discovered his music late, more than 40 years after the beginning of his career. 

Özkent started his musical career in 1960 with the Turkish pop group Teenagers in Ankara. The name of the band was very appropriate because none of its members was older than 19. He later formed his own group, the Mustafa Özkent Orkestrası and as well as several singles he released the album Gençlik Ile Elele. He is a talented guitarist who was and still is known for altering the design of his instruments in order to create unusual sounds.

Özkent quickly earned a reputation as a gifted maverick and in the early 1970s he was not only in demand as a session player, arranger and producer, but he also studied in Brussels with Baris Manco. He made dozens of Turkish albums that merged psychedelic and pop/rock melodies with R&B grooves and jazz-inspired improvisations. From that moment, Mustafa’s work continued to evolve, and he influenced Turkish pop music more than he could ever have imagined. At that time, an instrumental album like Gençlik Ile Elele was relatively hard to find here. But in 2006, thanks to the record collectors Finders Keepers Records, Özkent’s masterwork was re-released. And especially for EUROPALIA TURKEY, the album is brought to life on stage in partnership with a dynamic Belgian group, specifically formed for this occasion.

Mustafa Özkent - composer, guitar 
Sofiane Remadna - bass
Yannick Dupont - drum
Jean-Philippe de Gheest - drum
Axel Gilain - guitar
David Picard - keyboard, organ
Guillaume Codutti - conga, percussion
Tadzio Baudoux - percussion