Atmosphere On the occasion of the anniversary festival 45/25Marc Vanrunxt creates choreographies inspired by the personality of the performers. He extracts something sparkling (referring to the French word “brilliance”) from these individuals, which he then magnifies. His made-to-measure approach will also be true of this Turkish/Belgian (...)

Kadir "Amigo" Memiş

Kadir ZeybreakAmigo was born in Turkey and raised in Berlin and use the zeybek to express his dual identity. As its name suggests, Zeybreak is a contraction of zeybek and breakdance, between the traditional dance of his home village on the shores of the Aegean Sea and the hip-hop of his urban self.

Ziya Azazi

Ziya Azazi Ember & Bolero "in preview"Ziya Azazi has examined the speed and intensity of the whirling movements of dervishes for some time in order to create new forms. In Ember, the gyratory movements are the source of the artist’s survival and give meaning to his existence.

Mihran Tomasyan

Mihran Tomasyan You're not a fish after allDancer and choreographer Mihran Tomasyan has worked in France, the United States, Armenia and Turkey. He has also danced with the Sasha Waltz company. In Istanbul, he cofounded Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası, working on movement and dance through videos and installations.

Bedirhan Dehmen with MDTistanbul (State Opera & Ballet)

Bedirhan Dehmen with MDTistanbul (State Opera & Ballet) WeWhat connects us? What makes us move? What is we? We is an intimate piece of research into memory, forgetting, life, death, forces and weaknesses. Three dancers come together and tear themselves apart in a production by Dehmen to live electronic music by Cem Yıldız.

Melih Kiraç

Melih Kiraç In residenceDuring the festival, Workspacebrussels, a performing arts workshop that supports up-and-coming artists, is inviting the Istanbul artist Melih Kıraç in residence. A dancer and performer, Melih started his career performing Anatolian folk dances before moving into contemporary dance.
Exchange Creation

Christian Rizzo

Christian Rizzo Christian Rizzo has created three shows tinged with beauty and energy, tradition and the modern world. D’après une histoire vraie is inspired by traditional Turkish dances. Eight dancers leap into primitive and rock circles to music by Didier Ambact and King Q4, producing something as tribal as it is psychedelic. In (...)

Siirt Performing Arts Ensemble

Siirt Performing Arts Ensemble Legend of BotanLegend of Botan are stories of love, suffering and the past sweeping down the Botan River as time goes by. The folk dances and stories of Botan are accompanied by the melodies of the dengbej – storyteller and singer in one – and by videos bringing the ancient civilisations along its banks back to life. (...)