• Karaköy © Ara Güler
  • Iznik tile,Ottoman period © Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Istanbul
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The absence of a permanent I.

The absence of a permanent I. Gauthier OushoornUsing videos, drawings, sculptures and photographs, young artist Gauthier Oushoorn exhibits the outcome of his time in Istanbul and eastern Turkey and puts it into context. Drawing inspiration (...)
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Mystic Transport

Mystic Transport Gülsün Karamustafa & Koen TheysGülsün Karamustafa lives and works in Istanbul. She mainly works around the themes of mobility, displacement, relocation and migration, and creates paintings, collages, (...)
Contemporary Exchange

Kasper Bosmans

Kasper Bosmans Cintamani WeavingsFor the first time, Kasper Bosmans presents a series of tapestries inspired by the Ottoman tradition featuring the Cintamani motif (three circles forming a triangle over two wavy lines). (...)

Ayşe Erkmen & Ann Veronica Janssens

Ayşe Erkmen & Ann Veronica Janssens Ayşe Erkmen and Ann Veronica Janssens, two leading international artists, are commissioned by the city of Ghent to create a work of art for the public space in the historic center. By the end of 2015, (...)
Contemporary Exchange


Skatepark EUROPALIA TURKEY proposed the Turkish artists Esk Reyn and NUKA to repaint the Skatepark des Ursulines (Brussels). These 2 artists work for the first time in collaboration with the Sk8boarders team.The (...)


ROL(L)ENDE KOPPEN Dennis Tyfus & Vaast ColsonVaast Colson and Dennis Tyfus started in 2010 ‘Gunther’, an artist-run-space in the shopping district of Antwerp. In Autumn, they will leave together to Istanbul for a residency. (...)
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Archetypes Architecture in Turkey through the agesFrom the very first human settlements until today, the history of Anatolia has been marked by numerous waves of transformation, revival, and re-appropriation. This (...)
Heritage Contemporary

Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin

Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin Democratic LuxuryHüseyin Bahri Alptekin was fascinated by the difference between the promise of something and the banal reality: for example how the name of a cheap hotel can simulate an exotic location. (...)

Imagine Istanbul

Imagine Istanbul Imagine Istanbul explores the fascination this legendary city has held for artists from Turkey and abroad since the 19th century, primarily through photography, but including film, literature and visual (...)
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Anatolia. Home of eternity

Anatolia. Home of eternity For thousands of years, Anatolia has been a land of migration, a place of fascinating exchanges. About 200 dazzling objects in this exhibition illustrate the remarkable continuity of rituals and cults (...)

Expo Happy birthday EUROPALIA!

Expo Happy birthday EUROPALIA! In 2015 EUROPALIA celebrates a double birthday: 45 years ago, in 1970, EUROPALIA was christened. This year, with EUROPALIA TURKEY, we mark its 25th edition. Good reasons to pause for a moment and reflect (...)

Aga Khan Award for architecture

Aga Khan Award for architecture The Aga Khan Award for Architecture is given every three years to projects that set new standards of excellence in architecture, planning practices, historic preservation and landscape architecture. Through (...)

Port City Talks

Port City Talks Istanbul - AntwerpPort City Talks. Istanbul – Antwerp examines the past and future faces of two bustling port cities in a stroll along the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn and the Scheldt, taking in archaeological (...)
Heritage Contemporary

Thursday night events @ Bozar

Thursday night events @ Bozar Dans les expositions Anatolia & Imagine IstanbulAs from Thursday 29 10 ’15, EUROPALIA TURKEY launches the Thursday Nights @ BOZAR! On those evenings, a wide range of performances will jazz up the exhibition (...)


Turquoise Photographer Philippe Dupuich will be organising a Summer workshop with four photography students, inviting them to create together a series of portraits of the Turkish community in Belgium. The result (...)
Contemporary Exchange


Turquitudes A series of photographic portraits of first generation Turkish immigrants in Belgium, who left their familiar lives behind to come and work in our country and who sometimes returned again to the motherland. (...)

Standards for living

Standards for living Elif ErkanElif Erkan (Turkey, 1985) considers the importance we attach to the display and conversation of archeological sites and objects in order to locate our culture. The past is compared to the present. (...)
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Wavelengths Digital TurkeyTurkey has a very strong multimedia and digital art scene. Since the early nineties universities, independent organisations and numerous happenings created a broader awareness of digital (...)


Karagöz The art of shadowsDuring the golden days of Istanbul, the traditional shadow puppet theatre Karagöz - literally «the black eye» - could be seen on street corners and in squares, where all-round artists (...)


EUROPALIA RESIDENCY AWARD La Kermesse héroïqueAn Introduction to La Kermesse héroïqueLa Kermesse héroïque is an iconoclast camp romantic comedy film directed by the Belgian Jacques Feyder and produced in France in 1935. It (...)