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Jef Neve & NOHlab

Jef Neve & NOHlab Jef Neve composes the music and NOHlab – a group of Turkish digital artists that includes Candaş Şişman – produces a 3D visual rendering of it. A novel multimedia encounter on the border between (...)
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Mustafa Özkent & Belçika Orkestrası

Mustafa Özkent & Belçika Orkestrası After a career spanning 40 years, the re-release of his record Gençlik Ile Elele by Finders Keepers Records in 2006 finally introduced Mustafa Özkent to Western audiences. An evening dedicated to this (...)
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Débruit & Istanbul

Débruit & Istanbul Post-Residency World Premiere of the « Istanbul » Live ShowFor the Imagine Istanbul exhibition, Débruit created a collaborative album with performers spanning the generations while in residence in Istanbul. (...)

Okay Temiz & La Fanfare du Belgistan

Okay Temiz & La Fanfare du Belgistan An explosive encounter between a legendary percussionist and one of the kingdom’s finest brass bands. A blend exactly as it should be: plenty of musicians, rhythms and brass, drawing from jazz and the (...)
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Kemence Night

Kemence Night Night of the Turkish ViolinThree major talents brought together to pay homage to the oriental violin, the main instrument in traditional music. On the kemençe, Derya Turkan and Sokratis Sinopoulos from (...)

BaBa ZuLa

BaBa ZuLa Drawing inspiration from psych, dub and the music traditions of Istanbul, BaBa ZuLa offer a totally unique blend of styles. Their concerts are a kind of mild madness, a blend of rituals and performance (...)

Jordi Savall & Hespèrion XXI Ensemble

Jordi Savall & Hespèrion XXI Ensemble Jordi Savall and the Hesperion XXI Ensemble honour us with their presence as they pay very moving homage to the Romanian composer Cantemir. A journey between courtly music and the musical traditions of (...)


İnsanlar Improvising with a saz and slo-mo disco enhanced by acid bass lines and a good dose of psychedelia, İnsanlar – Barış K’s new group – offer an updated, mind-blowing version of Anadolu pop, the (...)

Taksim Trio

Taksim Trio As well as being the name of one of the main squares in Istanbul, Taksim is the Turkish word for “improvisation”. On traditional instruments, the trio improvises using Turkish and eastern motifs, introducing (...)

The Ottoman Drums

The Ottoman Drums Kudsi ErgünerKudsi Ergüner, a flautist and world authority on Ottoman music, joins forces with a series of guests to pay homage to the percussion and instruments of Ottoman classical music, featuring (...)

Reşat Öden & Gadjo Ensemble

Reşat Öden & Gadjo Ensemble The Manush ProjectRoma gipsies absorbed countless melodies during a diaspora that began in northern India and spread through Anatolia ending in Europe. With The Manush Project, the young musician Reşat (...)
Heritage Contemporary

İsmail Altunsaray

İsmail Altunsaray On top of several concerts featuring the greatest players of traditional Turkish music, this saz player has crafted a rapprochement between flamenco and bozlak traditions during a series of concerts with (...)

Arto Tunçboyaciyan & Quartet

Arto Tunçboyaciyan & Quartet Service for HumanityAlthough he is one of the best performers of Armenian music, Arto Tunçboyacian does not just confine himself to this repertoire. He is an astonishing multi-instrumental jazz player (...)


Züleyha The sweetheart of Anatolian folk music, comes from Bitlis where she learned Turkish, Zaza and Kurdish – the languages in which she also sings today. During her management studies she was the assistant (...)

Ege Hicaz Orkestra

Ege Hicaz Orkestra The name derives from their home on the Aegean coast – plays classical pieces from the rich repertoire of Turkish folk music. The eight-piece ensemble has signed up for a dazzling concert of classical (...)

Mehmet Akatay Project

Mehmet Akatay Project Mehmet Akatay was introduced to classical music at a young age by his father, a classical singer. He studied under the percussion master Burhanettin Tonğuç and has played at international festivals such (...)


Nev Opening - Fasil Night with NevWith his “Alaturka” rock, Nev takes hold of classical Turkish music and presents a novel and irresistible version of it in a fasil concert typical of Istanbul. A festive (...)

İlhan Erşahin Wonderland feat Hüsnü Şenlenderici

İlhan Erşahin Wonderland feat Hüsnü Şenlenderici İlhan Erşahin is a purebred, cosmopolitan jazz musician who brings Stockholm, New York and Istanbul together in his work. In recent years, he mainly commutes between Istanbul and New York. As a saxophonist, (...)

Burcu Karadağ & Ensemble

Burcu Karadağ & Ensemble Flautist Burcu Karadağ (1979, Istanbul) has a gift for staying true to the essence of the ney while using it in a radically new way. She has successfully introduced the Sufi instrument to a wider public (...)

Murat Ertel (BaBa ZuLa) meets Rodrigo Fuentealba (MannGold de Cobre)

Murat Ertel (BaBa ZuLa) meets Rodrigo Fuentealba (MannGold de Cobre) On the occasion of the anniversary festival 45/25A huge line-up (featuring musicians from Manngold de Cobre, DansDans and Zita Swoon no less) to accompany the encounter between Rodrigo Fuentealba and the (...)

Karpov not Kasparov

Karpov not Kasparov On the occasion of the anniversary festival 45/25On the occasion of the anniversary festival 45/25 Europalia supports The International Day Of Peace

Stéphane Galland presents: Lobi ft. Misirli Ahmet

Stéphane Galland presents: Lobi ft. Misirli Ahmet On the occasion of the anniversary festival 45/25Legendary Aka Moon drummer Stéphane Galland is also tempted by other instrumental explorations, such as the LOBI project, which is a journey through India, (...)

Scharoun Ensemble

Scharoun Ensemble Creation of the Turkish composer Ataç SezerThis chamber ensemble, whose line-up varies according to the works to be performed, is made up of members of the celebrated Berliner Philharmoniker. That is (...)

İpek Görgün

İpek Görgün Ipek Görgün walks a refreshing path within the world of electronic experiments and contemporary music of Turkey. Being a Ph.D. candidate of Sonic Arts at ITU-MIAM (Istanbul Technical University Center (...)


Ayyuka A young quartet that have just unleashed their third album Sömestr on the world. They describe themselves a mix between their heroes of the 1960s and ‘70s Turkish psychedelic scene, Bombino’s Tuareg (...)

Ensemble Les Esprits Animaux - Turcaria

Ensemble Les Esprits Animaux - Turcaria A journey of discovery of the East, in exactly the way it was heard by fascinated 17th and 18th-century baroque musicians. The critics are unanimous: the energy, vitality, imagination and virtuosity demonstrated (...)

Bariş Demirel

Bariş Demirel The latest discovery on the Turkish jazz and improvisation scene. Trumpet and effects units create a completely unique and entrancing solo show. For all fans of Jon Hassell, Rob Mazurek and Colin Stetson. (...)

Gorkem Şen

Gorkem Şen Sound designer and composer GÖRKEM ŞEN has designed the Yaybahar, an acoustic instrument that is a fusion of a stringed instrument and a resonant body. Given all the buzz about it on the internet, it (...)


Arpanatolia The kaval, the ney, the sipsi and the cura are familiar instruments in traditional Turkish music. With the addition of a contemporary harp, Arpanatolia offers a new rendering of the tradition, creating (...)

Istanbul Songs

Istanbul Songs With its inspired and inspiring songs depicting the microcosm found on the banks of the Bosphorus, Istanbul Songs offers a glimpse of the beauty, cultures, people and life of old Istanbul.

Imago Mundi

Imago Mundi PassageWith a selection of medieval, renaissance, baroque and contemporary music, Passage tells of the exchange of traditions, commerce and ideas between East and West down the ages. Sophie Vanden Eynde’s (...)

Mehmet Aslan

Mehmet Aslan DJ SetResident DJ in the famous Berlin club “Die Wilde Renate” and specialist producer of disco edits “alla turca”, Mehmet Arslan blends oriental sounds with electronic rhythms. His “hamam house” (...)

Borusan Quartet

Borusan Quartet Although this string quartet’s repertoire is huge, ranging from classical music to modern composers, they are particularly keen on the work of contemporary Turkish composers, specialising over the years (...)

Sezen Aksu

Sezen Aksu Sezen ‘li YillarWith dozens of hits and sales of over 40 million albums to her name, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Sezen Aksu is a big star of Turkish music. Whether in heavy orchestrations, ballads (...)

State Choir Turkey

State Choir Turkey Famous far beyond Turkey’s borders, the State Choir Turkey performs all over the world. For EUROPALIA TURKEY, the choir has put together an exclusive programme for the concert in The Hague, reflecting (...)

Barış K

Barış K DJ SetKeen on rootling around record shops, Barış K has unearthed real nuggets of Turkish pop/psych rock and now blends them with electronic music. He has conquered worldwide clubs with a dancefloor (...)

İstanbul Solistleri

İstanbul Solistleri Chamber orchestra İstanbul Solistleri explores the repertoire of the Ottoman composer Cemil Bey (1873 – 1916). The oud, tambur, kemençe and other traditional Ottoman instruments will bewitch you with (...)

Konya Turkish Sufi Music Ensemble

Konya Turkish Sufi Music Ensemble The Mevlevi order owes its fame to the whirling dervishes, the performers of its traditional dance. Like dolls on an invisible axis, they spin to the point of giddiness, taking them closer to a higher (...)

Burhan Öçal & Trakya All Stars

Burhan Öçal & Trakya All Stars Percussionist Burhan Öçal loves to blend genres and he definitely does that with the Trakya All Stars. Paying homage to his native Thrace, he combines the best performers of his home region’s traditional (...)

Light in Babylon

Light in Babylon On the occasion of the anniversary festival 45/25On the occasion of the anniversary festival 45/25 Europalia supports The International Day Of Peace