The festival

— The festival

Every two years, EUROPALIA compiles a diverse artistic programme focusing on a country or a theme. For four months, in Belgium and its neighbouring countries, EUROPALIA, in collaboration with a wide network of cultural partners, presents a biennial with a myriad of artistic and socio-cultural projects that bring together visual arts, performing arts, film, music, literature and debate so as to stimulate an exchange of ideas. Newly commissioned projects and artistic residencies hold a central place in the programme that engenders a unique interaction between heritage and art.

Exploring new perspectives, the exhibitions and events bring together renowned and lesser-known artists and artworks in in a festival that combines tradition and artistic experimentation.

EUROPALIA aims to promote intercultural and intergenerational exchanges as well as research, reflection and creation. In addition, EUROPALIA contributes to a public dialogue by offering a wide and widely accessible range of talks, workshops and conferences, which frame the art historical context and current developments per edition.

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