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1982: Europalia Hellas

During EUROPALIA HELLAS, 756,630 people attended 524 events, including 32 exhibitions, 26 concerts, 293 theatre performances, 16 conferences and debates, and 157 film screenings.

EUROPALIA HELLAS was one of the biggest international festivals ever devoted to Greece and one of the first ones to highlight the diversity of the country's heritage, which is often portrayed as limited to Ancient Greece.

The festival's main exhibitions included Men and Gods of Ancient Greece and Splendour of Byzantium which brought together the most extraordinary items from collections and museums across Europe. Greek music was present in a variety of forms; the audience was able to enjoy both Byzantine chant and modern music. Leading Greek theatre companies performed both ancient pieces and contemporary plays.

The EUROPALIA Literary Prize was awarded to post-war author Antonis Samarakis.

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