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1989: Europalia Japan

EUROPALIA JAPAN drew 1,659,048 visitors. Its 589 events included 38 exhibitions, 114 concerts, operas and ballets, 49 theatre performances, 21 conferences and debates, and 367 film screenings.

The festival's main exhibitions were Man and his Image, Japanese Buddhist Art, Japanese Prints, Namban Art, Yamaguchi and Saito, and Tokyo Project. The music programme contained a selection of traditional as well as contemporary music, and some pieces were performed for the very first time, such as those by Ichiyanagi and Miyoshi.

EUROPALIA brought 6 theatre companies and 5 Buto ensembles to Belgium, thereby offering a wide range of traditional and modern plays in its programme.

The EUROPALIA Literary Prize was awarded to Kenzaburo OE, a major figure in contemporary Japanese literature.

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