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1993: Europalia Mexico

With 333 events, EUROPALIA MEXICO attracted 1,178,621 people. Fourteen exhibitions, 84 concerts, 30 ballet and theatre performances, 17 literary events, 187 film screenings, as well as 9 events dedicated to Mexico's rich folklore and traditions astonished the crowd.

The hugely successful main exhibition, The Eagle and the Sun, brought together the highlights of thirty centuries of Mexican art. Maya-Metropolis explored the Maya civilisation, drawing on the most recent developments in archaeological research. Other exhibitions were devoted to Frida Kahlo, The Mexican Muralists, The Feast of the Dead and its folk traditions, and Funerary Gifts from the Zapotecs and Mixtecs.

The music programme centred around two themes, written music (romantic Baroque and 20th-century music) and popular music, and was representative of three centuries of musical creation in México. The highlights were Música para piel y palangana (Percussion concerto) by Javier Alvarez and Conlon Nancarrow’s Septet, the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra, and the gala concert by Plácido Domingo.

Jesusa Rodriguez, one of the most significant women in the theatre today, and the University of Guadalajara Folk Ballet performed at the festival. Famous writers Octavio Paz and Carlos Fuentes held lectures and meetings.

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