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EUROPALIA HUNGARIA attracted 109,000 visitors who attended a total of 169 events, including 8 exhibitions, 119 concerts and ballet performances, 16 theatre performances, 9 literary events and colloquia, and 17 film screenings.

The main exhibition at the Centre for Fine Arts, called Hungaria Regia, highlighted some significant events in Hungarian history. An incredible selection of works from more than forty private collections and Hungarian museums were lent to EUROPALIA for the occasion.

Seven other exhibitions organised in Brussels as well as in Mons and Antwerp were devoted to, among others, the Splendour of Hungarian Arms, Hungarian Avant-Garde, 1000 Years of Hungarian Coins, and Menyhért Tóth.

The exhibition Made in Hungary showed works by various Hungarian photographers, some of whom left their home country, and some of whom stayed. Hungary: the Price of Freedom explored the Hungarian revolution of 1956 and Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists showcased contemporary Hungarian tapestry.

EUROPALIA HUNGARIA offered the opportunity to discover both traditional and contemporary Hungarian music through events dedicated to Liszt, Kodaly, and Bartok but also Ligeti, Kurtag and Eötvös.

The famous Budapest Puppet Theatre and the Sofia Trio were part of the festival's performing arts programme.

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