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2017: Europalia Indonesia

EUROPALIA INDONESIA drew 570,000 visitors. The programme consisted of 20 exhibitions in collaboration with, among others, S.M.A.K and MuHKA, 75 concerts, 98 dance and theatre performances, 32 literary events, and 37 film screenings.

The festival's highlights were 3 major exhibitions. ‘Ancestors and Rituals' introduced the guest country by bringing never-before-seen artworks from across the archipelago to Europe. 'Power and other things, Indonesia & Art (1835 > now)' painted a captivating picture of the last two centuries of Indonesian history. A symposium with guest speakers such as David Van Reybrouck, Renzo Martens, and Koen Peeters accompanied the exhibition. 'Archipel' told the fascinating story of a country at the crossroads of the world’s most travelled maritime routes.

EUROPALIA encouraged new creations, artistic residencies, and the coming together of different disciplines. Artists like Ana Torfs, Eko Prawoto, and Melati Suryadar travelled to Europe or Indonesia to develop their artistic projects.

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