• © Axelle De Smaele
  • Collection Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen. Coll no RV Liefkes 441
  • © Axelle De Smaele
  • Marangga © Museum Nasional Indonesia, Photo by Arkadius 2016
  • © Axelle De Smaele
  • Patung Leluhur Batak ©Museum Nasional Indonesia, Photo by Arkadius 2016
  • © Axelle De Smaele
  • © Axelle De Smaele

Arts and crafts for the ancestors



21 10 '17 - 14:00

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EUROPALIA Festival Centre
Dynasty Building - Mont des Arts 5
B-1000 Brussels



An immense archipelago of more than 13,000 islands spanning no less than 5,000 kilometres from east to west, Indonesia has nearly 255 million inhabitants, 300 ethnic groups and more than 700 languages. These figures alone give an idea of the diversity of this country and the variety of cultures composing it.  

Nevertheless, the majority of these cultures share one thing in common: the importance they ascribe to ancestors. From Sumatra to Papua, via Java, Borneo and Sulawesi, to the tiny Lesser Sunda and Maluku Islands: ancestors played and often still play a leading role in Indonesia. 

In the Festival Centre, you are invite to work with some of the artworks from the exhibition Ancestors & Rituals. Make your own mask and crown!