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A Copy of My Mind



18 01 '18 - 22:00

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Chaussée de Wavre 18
B-1050 Brussels


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EUROPALIA, Vendôme, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

A Copy of My Mind
Indonesia | 2015 | 116' | SUBS. FR-EN

Directed by Joko Anwar
With Tara Basro, Chicco Jerikho, Maera Panigoro

A Copy of My Mind initially looks like a charming love story, but actually touches on the complex social-political situation in today's Indonesia. Sari, who works in a small beauty salon, regularly buys a monster movie at an illegal DVD store and watches it in her room. She doesn’t have any money to go out. One day she complains to the salesman about the bad quality of the subtitling. She is then introduced to Alek, who makes the subtitles. They fall in love and celebrate their love.

But then the story takes a very different turn. As a beauty specialist, Sari visits a prison to treat a rich, corrupt politician who is in a very luxurious cell. There, she steals a DVD. However what’s on the DVD is not what is suggested by the cover. Her problems soon get out of hand.

The versatile Joko Anwar turned this love story into a nimble and realistic political thriller, with the requisite jokes on censorship.