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After 15 Years... (Setelah 15 Tahun...) Preceded by Dear My Homeland (Saudara Dalam Sejarah)



23 01 '18 - 21:30

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EUROPALIA, Vendôme, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

After 15 Years... 
Setelah 15 Tahun... | Indonesia | 2013 | 93' | SUBS. FR-EN

Directed by Tino Saroengallo

15 years after reformation movement that toppled down Soeharto in 1998. Is Indonesia now better compare to New Regime time of Soeharto? 

Dear My Homeland 
Saudara Dalam Sejarah | Indonesia | 2015 | 15' | SUBS. FR-EN

Directed by Amerta Kusuma

In the 1960s, Sukarno sent to study thousands of students abroad, amongst others to China. After the 1965 anti-communist massacres in which more than 500,000 Indonesians were killed, the new government of Suharto accused the students who studied abroad to support Sukarno and revoked their passports and citizenship. Left stateless, they became personae non grata in Indonesia and were forced to seek asylum elsewhere. The film tells the stories of eight such exiles.