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EUROPALIA, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

Charlotte Dumoncel d’Argence (FR) & Laura Herman (BE)

Martin Belou (FR), Rachel Monosov (IR), Offshore Studio (CH), Adrien Vermont (FR), and other artists (announced soon)

We wear palm oil lipstick while we leaf through imperial travelogues and uncompromised business plans. We watch documentaries on prosthetic coral reefs and witness rainforests turning into lumber. We stroll on pink sand beaches littered with plastiglomerate and cross paths with long-lost spirit animals. Perhaps species is no longer the right unit to classify earthbound life?

Natural Capital is an exhibition and online publication that aims to confront economic and scientific accounts of biodiversity in the Indonesian archipelago—one of the world's top biodiversity rich countries—in order to stimulate alternative discourses and narratives. Subverting historical notions of heroic discovery and scientific classification, while being aware of the contemporary filters through which our experience of nature is mediated, the project attempts to bring together more sensorial approaches to the archipelago. 

The works in this exhibition are inspired by craftsmanship, indigenous knowledge and local economies based on different value systems, which develop with nature in a co-evolutionary way. In this way, the works expose how the languages surrounding nature can often offer more liberating and emancipatory notions than ‘natural capital’, a concept we have come to understand as the world’s stock of natural resources flowing into goods and services. Yet, these investigations raise the question as to whether the strategies that allow us to exchange knowledge and experiences—such as travel, cultural diplomacy, the media, or the Internet—lack the capacity for genuine understanding.

An online publication developed in close collaboration with Offshore Studio is both the foreword to the exhibition and its catalogue. As an evolving travelogue and resource centre inspired by Édouard Glissant’s notion of archipelagic thought, the publication embeds the conflicting impulses that emerge from different instances of intentionality and geographical distance. The online publication will include a collection of essays, interviews and artist projects by international artists and theorists. The publication will be available in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

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