• Teddy Soeriaatmadja, Lovely man © Iyas Lawrence
  • © Norman Erikson Pasaribu
  • © Intan Paramaditha
  • Arco Renz © Jean Luc Tanghe

GenderS & Traditions Arco Renz, Intan Paramaditha, Norman Erikson Pasaribun & Isabelle Bats



21 11 '17 - 17:00

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Maison du Spectacle la Bellone
Rue de Flandre 46
B-1000 Brussels


Free entrance

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EUROPALIA, La Bellone, Rainbowhouse, Tels Quels, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

Conference in English

In Belgium and at the present time, the human mind structures the landscape of fellow beings into men and women. We think this binary split has existed since the dawn of time, everywhere. How many times do we refer to famous hunter-gatherers and their gender patterns as the image and origin of present-day society? And yet, contradictions and complementarities abound! Whether it’s elsewhere on the globe or deep in the past… Traditions evolve from one point to another in space and time.

Indonesia offers us such examples: could we structure the landscape of fellow beings not in two but five different genders? What a magnificent opportunity to shatter boundaries and evolve our vision/binary division! If we remove the need to choose between two genders, we no longer have to talk about “gender issues” but genderS. We can still suggest new answers to this question. And what better way to do this than to draw from other traditions?

With Arco Renz, Intan ParamadithaNorman Erikson Pasaribun & Isabelle Bats
Moderator Sophie Aujean (ILGA-Europe)