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Ikke Nurjanah


Den Haag

06 01 '18 - 20:15

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Nieuwe Kerk
Spui 175
NL- 2511 BM Den Haag


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T +31 (0)70 88 00 333


EUROPALIA, Zuiderstrandtheater, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

Dangdut has dominated the Indonesian music charts since the 1970s. This pop is deeply rooted in Indian musical tradition and uses its rhythms, harmonies and instruments. “Dangdut” is also an onomatopoeic of the sound made by the tabla, an unmistakeable Indian instrument. Throughout its history, dangdut has shown no scruples in borrowing musical elements from elsewhere in the world such as raï, rock, house, hip-hop and rhythm and blues.

The most famous dangdut singers are real superstars, revered in Indonesia and beyond its borders. Among them, Ikke Nurjanah stands out from the crowd. Her magnificent voice and refined songs are omnipresent on radio and television. She has 32 albums to her name and a trophy cabinet filled with prestigious awards, including no fewer than three Indonesian Music Academy Awards (AMI) for best dangdut album.

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