Introduction to the contemporary Indonesian cinema Followed by the film screening "Khalifah"



06 01 '18 - 16:00

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EUROPALIA Festival Centre
Dynasty Building - Mont des Arts 5
B-1000 Brussels


In English

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As an introduction to the extensive Indonesian film festival in January at BOZAR and Vendôme, co-curator and film expert Meninaputri Wismurti invites you to a journey through the Indonesian film landscape of the last 20 years. A rare opportunity to discover the little-known but fascinating cinema of one of the biggest and most diverse countries in the world.

Followed by the free screening of

Nurman Hakim |Indonesia | 2011 | SUBS. EN

Directed by Nurman Hakim
With Marsha Timothy, Indra Herlambang, Ben Joshua

Khalifah (Marsha Timothy), a young, physically attractive woman, is working at the salon run by her deceased mother's friend Rita (Jajang C. Noer). After her shift, she goes home by bus and passes a group of three teenaged boys who make catcalls. 

Upon arriving at home, she talks with her father, Bilal (Brohisman), her brother Faisal (Yoga Pratama) and her father's friend Riko about Riko's nephew, Rasyid (Indra Herlambang). Khalifah is asked to marry him, and is told that it is her decision; after she sees that her father is considering selling his wedding ring to pay the rent, she agrees.