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Islam in Indonesia Photographs by Mark De Fraeye



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Musée Royal de Mariemont
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Musée royal de Mariemont

Curators Catherine Noppe and Alexis Sonet

With over 90% of its 250 million habitants of Islamic faith, Indonesia is today the largest Muslim country in the world in terms of population. An Islam of tolerance, which took root slowly and very progressively starting around the 13th century, thanks to maritime exchange, and which incorporated numerous amounts of local beliefs and customs all the while bringing a new colouring and dimension. This Islam, present in everyday life, social as well as political, is evoked in Mark De Fraeye’s photographs. 

Since the late 1980s, the photographer has been touring Asia from India to Japan, from South Korea to Indonesia, which he visited repeatedly in 1996, 1997 and 2003. As equally a humanist as he is a photographer, he captures in his images the strength and beauty of nature but also the spiritual life of those he meets and with whom, without hesitation, he settles down with for some time, as a discreet and attentive guest.   

His many photographs devoted to the Indonesian archipelago have been gathered in a book, Indonesia. The Island State, published in 1999, featuring texts by Pieter Ter Keurs. The royal Museum of Mariemont is pleased to present today, in the context of the EUROPALIA INDONESIA Festival, a series of fourteen photographs (blow ups of 1m x 1m), taken by the artist in Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi, which offer an empathy filled vision of Indonesian Islam, its rites and monuments.