• Manjusri, Java- 9th-10th c. Museum Nasional Indonesia © Arkadius 2017
  • Part of the Boat-Sumatera ©NMI
  • Port of Sunda Kelapa-Jakarta ©NMI
  • Lancang kuning boat miniatur ©NMI
  • Borobudur Boat ©NMI
  • Museum Nasional Indonesia © Arkadius 2017

Kingdoms of the Sea Archipelago



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La Boverie
Parc de la Boverie 3
4020 Liège

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La Boverie, Museum Nasional Indonesia

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La Boverie

Curators La Boverie & Museum Nasional Indonesia

An area of confluence and encounters, the Indonesian archipelago has always been one of the most important crossroads of world trade, where Austronesian ships, Arabian dhows, Chinese junks, Iberian caravels and vessels of the East India Company once dropped anchor, long before the container ships and oil tankers of today. 

The history of the archipelago is one of a multitude of links and connections, where the near and distant rub shoulders, set in competition by an omnipresent maritime world. The sea gathers more than it separates, and the monsoon winds have made this crossroads an obligatory stop 

for merchants, religious people and foreign diplomats whose presence has left traces in the myths, monuments, art and traditions of contemporary Indonesia. Superimposed, mingled, reinterpreted by rich and complex societies, these external influences have forged multiple worlds, which the relationship with the sea has finely coloured and chiseled.

This exhibition-event, the fruit of collaboration between Indonesian, Belgian, French and Dutch institutions and scientists, retraces the history of a region of the world that is rich in spices, gold and precious wood, and yet often misunderstood.

Extraordinary Austronesian adventures, Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms, the first Sumatran and Javanese empires, early globalization in the first centuries of the modern era, the sustained and continuous relationship with China, India and the Muslim world, the emergence and growth of sultanates, the first contact with Europeans, the expansion of Islam, independence and the subsequent development of the country are all chapters of an exciting narrative to which the visitor is invited. 

Most of the works come from the National Museum of Indonesia in Jakarta, exceptional national treasures of which many are making their first ever journey outside Indonesia. They are complemented by rarely exhibited works from the Musée Royal de Mariemont and the Musée national de la Marine in Paris, as well as from private collections. 

On the occasion of this exhibition, carpenters from Makassar will construct a life size traditional boat according to the ancestral method of sewn planks.

General Commissioners Museum Nasional Indonesia (Dr. Ibu Intan Mardiana & Dr. Sisnanto) & Musées de la Ville de Liège (Jean-Marc Gay)
Scientific Committee Pierre-Yves Manguin, Catherine Noppe, Alexis Sonet, Bruno Hellendorff
Scenography Jean-Marc Huygen