• Nia Dinata, Tanah Mama
  • Memoria © Kamila Andini
with guest

Mama’s Soil (Tana Mama) Preceded by the short film Memoria



23 01 '18 - 19:00

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Chaussée de Wavre 18
B-1050 Brussels


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EUROPALIA, Vendôme, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

Mama’s Soil
Tana Mama | Indonesia | 2015 | 62' | SUBS. FR-EN

In presence of producer Nia Dinata

Directed by Asrida Elisabeth

A  husband's  job  is  to  clear-up  the  land.  A  wife’s  job  is  to  plant  the  soil.  The  whole  family in Papua eat from what the mother plant. This film follow the journey of Mama Halosina in trying to feed their children after her husband no longer provide  them  with  suitable  land. In the fertile land far away from the central of power in Indonesia, women from Papua have to struggle for their basic needs.

Indonesia | 2016 | 40' | SUBS. FR-EN

Directed by Kamila Andini

MEMORIA tells the story of Maria, a forty-year-old survivor of sexual violence during the Indonesian occupation (1975-1999), who is struggling to overcome the trauma of sexual violence she has lived with all these years. She leaves in her village in Timor Leste with her nineteen-year-old daughter, Flora, who is also struggling to understand her identity as the daughter of a man who she has never met. Maria remarries, but once again experiences domestic violence at the hands of her new husband.