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Nokas Preceded by the short films The Dancer (Sang Penari) & Serpong



15 01 '18 - 21:30

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EUROPALIA, Vendôme, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

Indonésie | 2016 | 76' | ST. FR-EN

Directed by Alberto Maia
With Zelaital Nokas Taklale, Atalya Taklale, Erna Norwaci Taklale-Hanas, Laasar Taklale

Nokas wants nothing more than to marry Ci, a Timorese girl who works in a slaughterhouse in Kupang. In traditional Timorese practice, the groom is required to pay a dowry before the couple is able to marry. Poor working conditions and a less than favourable wage makes this a tough undertaking for Nokas. He has to rally his extended family, in the hopes that they will help him ease his monetary woes, to marry the love of his life.

The Dancer
Sang Penari | Indonesia | 2011 | 15' | SUBS. FR-EN

Directed by Ifa Isfansyah
With Salman Aristo, Shanty Harmayn

Every region has a forgotten hero. Samsul is a dancer who struggles to preserve Banyuwangi’s traditional culture. He never stops to teach young people to be the next generation of Banyuwangi dancer even though the road to his dreams is not easy.

Indonesia | 2015 | 15' | SUBS. FR-EN

Directed by Lucky Kuswandi

Due to a faulty bathroom at home, toilet trips to the nearby construction site becomes a daily routine for a street food seller. On his way home, he discovers a newly opened mall and decides to move his stall closer to attract more business.

Nokas - Official Trailer
Sang Penari (The Dancer) - Trailer