• Laurence Vielle © Andy Huysmans

Poésie pour les ancêtres Laurence Vielle



25 11 '17 - 16:00

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EUROPALIA Festival Centre
Dynasty Building - Mont des Arts 5
B-1000 Brussels



Literary encounter in French

Laurence Vielle (Brussels, 1968) is a Belgian French-speaking poetess and comedian. She writes and recites; according to her, poetry is orality. She deeply loves to say the words, to make them sound, chanting and beating them.  

Claude Guerre says about her : "Laurence Vielle is never gasping for air. She runs in the trains, she walks on the earth. She is cavorting the words, she assiduously meets. She writes through living. She lives through writing. She lives, period, obviously. And of course she cans also write-run. Finally she doesn't write. She doesn't seek to write, like someone once said : she just finds. There she stands with her chronic in her hand-mouth : saying, reciting, singing, inflaming people's hearts and bellies, feeding spirits and souls, filling and delighting, transforming or illuminating. It's a street philosophy. Where poetry refuses to become a sugarcoating background of the ugly world. Poetry thinks the world by making fun of it. Poetry that cannot be evacuated through the ivory tower. Poetry that works all day hard its vocal texture, its communication density, its valiant in front of rooms filled of attentive eyes and ears."

She defines herself like a gleaner of words, her words and other people’s words. They are her drums, she tries to tune up her heart to them.