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  • Ratenggaro © Resha Khambali
  • Studio-O-Cahaya © Adi Purnomo

Specific, Generic, Ethnic 01 12 '17 > 30 01 '18 @ LOCI - 3 Movements in Indonesian Architecture



30 11 '17 - 18:30

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Rue Wafelaertsstraat 47-51
B-1060 Brussels


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Rue Wafelaerts 47-51
B-1060 Bruxelles
Auditoire AR_06


EUROPALIA, LOCI, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia

Conference by Danny Wicaksono - in English

Exhibition from 05/12 /17 until 30/01/18 (free, closed from 23/12 to 8/01)

The exhibition will display architectural elements from 3 different tendencies in Indonesian architecture: "Spesific architecture”, “Generic Architecture” and “Tribe Architecture”.

Specific architecture is the type or architecture that is being designed by notable Indonesian architects, who  went to formal architectural education, domestically or internationally. The designs are made spesific for each projects, sometimes using customly designed architectural elements. For this exhibition we selected several notable Indonesian architects who have done distinct architectural explorations with integrity and consistency. 

Generic Architecture is the type of architecture that is built by most people in Indonesia. It is designed by anonymous designers, sometimes done by local construction workers (tukang), using building materials that is sold freely nationwide in the market. 

Tribe Architecture is the type of architecture that is originated from the tribes that shapes modern Indonesia. The knowledge of how to build the building are passed on from generations to generations. The designs are completely different from one tribe to another with changes applied in an evolutionary pace.