• Balinese dance © DwiBhumi
  • Balinese dance © DwiBhumi
  • Balinese dance © DwiBhumi
  • © Axelle De Smaele
  • © Axelle De Smaele
  • © Sybilla Britani
  • © Axelle De Smaele
  • © Sybilla Britani

Workshop Balinese Dance



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EUROPALIA Festival Centre
Dynasty Building - Mont des Arts 5
B-1000 Brussels


21 10 '17 - 16:00 
20 01 '18 - 14:00

In NL, but accessible to all



Aafke de Jong, dancer, choreographer and artistic director of DwiBhumi, teaches you the first steps of Balinese dance in the Festival Centre. 

The posture and movements are often the exact opposite of western dans styles like classical ballet, modern dance and jazz dance. Balinese dance is mostly directed towards the front of the stage which makes it similar to Egyptian images. 

Balinese dance is a performance for people but mainly for gods. it holds a constant tention between joy and religious surrender. This dance is not figurative but tries to portray the inner values of its subject in the language of dance. 

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Tong Tong Fair 2 juni 2016 - DwiBhumi, Sanggar Mirah, ...
Choreographer Aafke de Jong @ SideBySide Festival Dusseldorf 2010