• Flores, eastern Indonesia, 19th C. © Museum Nasional Indonesia, Photo by Arkadius 2016
  • © Roy Villevoye, Preparations. Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden
  • © Setu Legi
  • Jompet Kuswidananto, Dark Play 2017, Installation © Photo courtesy of the artist
  • Port of Sunda Kelapa-Jakarta ©NMI


Ancestors & Rituals

Ancestors & Rituals 11 10 '17 > 14 01 '18 @ BOZAR. Ancestors are at the heart of all Indonesian societies. The rituals dedicated to them powerfully and poetically reflect the enormous diversity of the country.

Power and other things

Power and other things Indonesia & Art (1835-now)18 10 '17 > 21 01 '18 @ BOZAR. Around twenty Indonesian and occidental artists interpret Indonesia’s recent history and contemporary society through new creations.

Kingdoms of the Sea

Kingdoms of the Sea Archipelago25 10 '17 > 21 01 '18 @ La Boverie. For thousands of years, peoples and cultures from elsewhere have helped to forge the identity of the Indonesian archipelago, leaving their mark on the arts, myths and traditions.

Performance Klub

Performance Klub 21 10 '17 > 18 02 '18 @ S.M.A.K. A rich programme retraces the vibrant history of performance in Indonesia from the 1980s to the present day in a space that evolves over time.

On Paradise

On Paradise Jompet Kuswidananto22 10 '17 > 21 01 '18 @ MAC's. Fear of the apocalypse, the anti-colonial struggle and an anxiety-inducing climate are all found in this unprecedented and monumental installation by Jompet, one of Indonesia’s leading artists.

Bale Kambang

Bale Kambang Eko Prawoto28 10 '17 > 21 01 '18 @ MAS. Architect and artist Eko Prawoto explores traditional and sustainable materials in a large bamboo installation built at the foot of the MAS, which is accessible to visitors.

In Situ: The Tale of Tiger and Lion

In Situ: The Tale of Tiger and Lion Lifepatch16 09 '17 > 07 01 '18 @ M KHA. The Lifepatch collective is interested in the intertwined relationship of two major figures in Indonesia’s colonial past: Hans Christoffel and King Sisingamangaraja XII of the Bataks.

Specific, Generic, Ethnic

Specific, Generic, Ethnic 09 11 '17 > 30 01 '18 @ LOCI. 3 Movements in Indonesian ArchitectureA glimpse of Indonesian architecture, starting with three of its main movements.

Comics in Indonesia (1929-2017)

Comics in Indonesia (1929-2017) Equatorial Imagination22 11 '17 > 21 01 '18 @ Bibliotheca Wittockiana. Extremely popular in Indonesia since the 1930s, the comic strip provides a unique view on the history and evolution of Indonesian society.

Yudha Sandy

Yudha Sandy 26 10 '17 > 24 11 '17 @ Muntpunt & 12 10 '17 > 13 12 '17 @ CC Strombeek. Yudha Sandy is a master of the technique of paper cutting. He will present gorgeous original plates from his comic strip Atom Jardin at Muntpunt, as well as a mural at CC Strombeek.

Prihatmoko Moki

Prihatmoko Moki The Soldiers without a King26 10 '17 > 16 12 '17 @ Muntpunt. Silkscreens, comic strips, drawing, painting and music: Moki has many strings to his bow. Muntpunt gives him carte blanche to create a fresco on its immense glass facade.

Leather Gods, Wooden Heroes

Leather Gods, Wooden Heroes 10 11 '17 > 11 03 '18 @ Musée International du Carnaval et du Masque. The museum revisits its vast and superb collection of traditional Indonesian shadow puppets and masks.

Mentawai from Indonesia

Mentawai from Indonesia 21 10 '17 > 28 05 '18 @ Museum Volkenkunde. This magnificent collection of Mentawai art – donated by the anthropologist Reimar Schefold to Museum Volkenkunde – offers insights into how this people is coping with globalisation.

Saksi Bisu / Let me take you to the Tropical Paradise

Saksi Bisu / Let me take you to the Tropical Paradise Elisabeth Ida12 10 '17 > 13 12 '17 @ CC Strombeek. Elisabeth Ida’s delicate and nuanced video installation tackles ‘guilty landscapes’, the battlefields and mass graves that lie scattered across Indonesia.

Islam in Indonesia

Islam in Indonesia Photographs by Mark De FraeyeWith over 90% of its 250 million habitants of Islamic faith, Indonesia is today the largest Muslim country in the world in terms of population. This Islam, present in everyday life, social as well as political, is evoked in Mark De Fraeye’s photographs.

Ikat . Batik

Ikat . Batik Réserve de sens21 10 '17 > 21 01 '18. Les Drapiers focuses on two processes used to create patterns on fabric, very present in Indonesia: ikat and batik.