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  • © Hanung Bramantyo
  • © Riri Riza
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  • © Eugene Panji
  • © Nia Dinata, Lasja Fauzia, Upi Avianto & Fatimah Rony


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Nia Dinata

Nia Dinata Nia Dinata is not afraid of censorship or tackling themes considered as ‘risky’ in Indonesia, such as homosexuality, immigration and polygamy.

Ismail Basbeth

Ismail Basbeth The young, self-taught director and producer Ismail Basbeth is particularly prolific. He has directed no fewer than four award-winning features in less than two years.

Nan Achnas

Nan Achnas Nan Achnas is an award-winning filmmaker of numerous documentaries and feature films such as Kuldesak, The Flag, Whispering Sands and The Photograph. She has also produced award-winning films such as Pesantren: (...)

Faozan Rizal

Faozan Rizal Faozan Rizal’s experimental short and full-length films explore the borders between dance, photography and cinema with poetic sensitivity.

Budi Irawanto

Budi Irawanto Budi Irawanto, professor at the Gadjah Mada University, has written two books on Indonesian cinema. He is also director of the Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival. He will give an introduction on Indonesian (...)

Mira Lesmana

Mira Lesmana Together with a group of young directors, producer Mira Lesmana played a crucial role in breathing new life into Indonesian cinema after the Reform.

Lavesh Samtani

Lavesh Samtani Producer and archivist Lavesh Samtani fights for the preservation of Indonesian cinema. The TV channel he manages, Flik, exclusively broadcasts national films.

Teddy Soeriaatmadja

Teddy Soeriaatmadja Teddy Soeriaatmadja sensitively explores relationships between marginalized people, such as the love of a boy for a sexagenarian, or that of a transsexual prostitute for her daughter.

Garin Nugroho

Garin Nugroho Acclaimed at Cannes, Berlin and Venice, Garin Nugroho’s films decipher the diversity of Indonesian cultures in a way that resonates with audiences across the world.