• © Intan Paramaditha
  • © Lily Yulianti Farid
  • Laurence Vielle © Andy Huysmans
  • Ayu Utami © Erik Prasetya


Ayu Utami

Ayu Utami Utami paved the way for a whole generation of Indonesian writers, breaking taboos surrounding Indonesia’s (post-)colonial past, sexuality and gender.

Lily Yulianti Farid

Lily Yulianti Farid In residenceJournalist Lily Yulianti has created a citizen journalism project. Her short stories, plays and monologues tackle, among others, themes of gender and Muslim women in Indonesia.

Jakarta Jive

Jakarta Jive Literary evening with Ayu Utami, Laksmi Pamuntjak, David Van Reybrouck & Gie GorisIndonesia is much more than a destination for spiritual backpackers. Seventy years after it gained independence and twenty years after the fall of dictatorship the country is more ambitious than ever. Today, the biggest Muslim country in (...)

Intan Paramaditha

Intan Paramaditha Intan Paramaditha is an Indonesian author and a film/media scholar. Both her fiction and academic writings explore the relations between gender and sexuality, culture, and politics. Many of her stories are inspired by horror fiction, myths, and fairy tales.

Norman Erikson Pasaribu

Norman Erikson Pasaribu The young poet and novelist Erikson gives a sophisticated voice to LGBTQ communities in Indonesia. His debut poetry collection won a Jakarta Arts Council prize in 2015.

Ben Sohib

Ben Sohib Before becoming a best-selling author, Ben Sohib was vocalist in a progressive rock band, which can be felt in his darkly humorous, gritty novels about the urban life of Muslims.

M. Iksaka Banu

M. Iksaka Banu The history of colonial Indonesia has rarely been told with such passion as through the well-developed characters in the short stories of Iksaka Banu.

Laurence Vielle

Laurence Vielle Following in the footsteps of Indonesian ancestors and rituals, our national poet met the writers and poets of Makassar. She will enter into dialogue with them during EUROPALIA literary events.

citybooks @ Indonesia

citybooks @ Indonesia Annelies Verbeke, Gustaaf Peek & Bouke Billiet (in NL)From Jakarta to Semarang, deBuren invites you to travel with citybooks: urban portraits in words and imagines by renowned international writers and photogaphers.