• © photo Bram De Wilde
  • Peni Candra Rini Ontosoroh © Anggara Mahendra
  • © Jogja Hip Hop Foundation
  • Suwardi
  • Indische Party © Oleh Arya  Rinaldo
  • DJ Bayu


Rahayu Supanggah & Garasi Seni Benawa

Rahayu Supanggah & Garasi Seni Benawa The Garasi Seni Benawa gamelan, conducted by Rahayu Supanggah, is known for its rich timbre and the virtuosity of its accompanying singers.

Iwan Gunawan & Stefan Lakatos

Iwan Gunawan & Stefan Lakatos Moondog for GamelanNEW CREATION. Compositions by the legendary Moondog lend themselves magnificently to a Javanese gamelan especially created for the occasion.

Tarawangsawelas & Rabih Beaini

Tarawangsawelas & Rabih Beaini NEW CREATION. The Tarawangsawelas duo and music producer Rabih Beaini introduce you to the soulful tarawangsa, the minimalist and ancient sacred music of Sunda.

DJ David Tarigan

DJ David Tarigan 60's & 70's Indonesian Rock & Roll NightDJ David Tarigan is one of the leading specialists of Indonesian funk, soul and rock. Get ready to dance the night away to his frenzied sets!

Indische Party

Indische Party 60's & 70's Indonesian Rock & Roll NightIndische Party, a revival rock band from Jakarta, prove that Indonesian rock, blues and soul are just as cool today as they were in their golden years.

Flower Girls (Dara Puspita Tribute)

Flower Girls (Dara Puspita Tribute) 60's & 70's Indonesian Rock & Roll NightA tribute band will introduce you to the amazing garage rock of the legendary, rebellious Dara Puspita rock chicks who toured the world in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Duto Hardono

Duto Hardono Conceptual artist Duto Hardono uses old instruments, cassettes and recordings to create sound installations full of black humour and irony.

Patrick Hartono

Patrick Hartono Electro musician and new media artist Patrick Hartono creates complex 3D sound universes using different technologies, traditional instruments and video.