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  • Peni Candra Rini Ontosoroh © Anggara Mahendra
  • © Jogja Hip Hop Foundation
  • © Witjak Widhi Cahya/Komunitas Salihara
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Tesla Manaf

Tesla Manaf The incredible ingenuity and sensitivity with which guitarist Tesla Manaf plays belies his youth. Progressive jazz has a new rising star!


Kande Kande have successfully breathed new life into the musical traditions of Aceh, integrating 16th century Sufi influences in their particular brand of rock.

Svara Samsara

Svara Samsara With youthful and explosive enthusiasm, Svara Samsara demonstrates that Indonesian percussion is neither monotonous nor monochrome!

Wayang Hip Hop

Wayang Hip Hop Inspired by shadow theatre and traditional Javanese melodies, Wayang Hip Hop is a perfect example of the adaptability of hip hop around the world.

Saluang dendang

Saluang dendang Saluang, the enormous bamboo flute of the Minangkabau people, often accompanies dendang, local folk songs full of humour and good advice.


Mataniari Toba Batak Music and DanceDespite external influences, the Batak people of Lake Toba have managed to preserve their myriad musical traditions. Their rhythms are among the most complex in Asia.

Salawat dulang

Salawat dulang In this Minangkabau tradition, two men improvise and duel with their voices while setting the rhythm on large bronze plates.

Aural Archipelago

Aural Archipelago Ata Ratu, Thambunesia & TurikaleFor the Aural Archipelago project, ethnomusicologist Palmer Keen traversed Indonesia in search of musical traditions. He invites you to discover three of them.

Voices of Papua

Voices of Papua Papuan polyphonic singing, always accompanied by ritual dance, is one of the oldest musical traditions still in existence today.

I Wayan Gde Yudane & Gamelan Wrdhi Swaram

I Wayan Gde Yudane & Gamelan Wrdhi Swaram AquifersNEW CREATION. One of the most important composers of contemporary gamelan, Yudane performs his masterpiece Aquifers, followed by four new pieces composed specially for EUROPALIA.
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DJ Bayu

DJ Bayu Urban IndonesiaDJ Bayu from Bandung travels the world in search of rare records, but one of his greatest loves remains Indonesian music from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.

Jogja Hip Hop Foundation

Jogja Hip Hop Foundation Urban IndonesiaWith their rebellious lyrics that mix street slang with classical Javanese poems, Jogja Hip Hop Foundation are all the rage among Indonesian youth.

Filastine & Nova

Filastine & Nova Urban IndonesiaThe bass music of Grey Filastine and Javanese Nova Ruth defies borders and combines musical traditions from around the world in a unique and surprising way.

Dijf Sanders

Dijf Sanders NEW CREATION. The Ghent-based musician travelled to Java in search of traditional instruments and melodies. Discover more in his concerts and albums this autumn!
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