• © photo Bram De Wilde
  • Peni Candra Rini Ontosoroh © Anggara Mahendra
  • © Jogja Hip Hop Foundation
  • Suwardi
  • Indische Party © Oleh Arya  Rinaldo
  • DJ Bayu


Rahayu Supanggah & Garasi Seni Benawa

Rahayu Supanggah & Garasi Seni Benawa The Garasi Seni Benawa gamelan, conducted by Rahayu Supanggah, is known for its rich timbre and the virtuosity of its accompanying singers.

Aural Archipelago

Aural Archipelago Ata Ratu, Thambunesia & TurikaleFor the Aural Archipelago project, ethnomusicologist Palmer Keen traversed Indonesia in search of musical traditions. He invites you to discover three of them.

Tarawangsawelas & Rabih Beaini

Tarawangsawelas & Rabih Beaini NEW CREATION. The Tarawangsawelas duo and music producer Rabih Beaini introduce you to the soulful tarawangsa, the minimalist and ancient sacred music of Sunda.

Peni Candra Rini & Ade Suharto

Peni Candra Rini & Ade Suharto ONTOSOROHPeni Candra Rini, the famous singer of sindhèn, a style of gamelan known for its solos for female voice, accompanies Ade Suharto’s sensual dancing.

Otto Sidharta

Otto Sidharta Indonesia’s first electronic musician, Otto Sidharta, plays with sounds he has collected in the country’s megalopolises and jungles since the 1970s.

Wolf Müller

Wolf Müller NEW CREATION. During his residence in Borneo, Wolf Müller (aka Bufiman) taught the mouth harp to villagers and learnt local instruments and rhythms.

Dijf Sanders

Dijf Sanders NEW CREATION. The Ghent-based musician travelled to Java in search of traditional instruments and melodies. Discover more in his concerts and albums this autumn!


Uwalmassa Uwalmassa, a project of Divisi 62, uses the sounds and rhythms of gamelan and other musical traditions and transforms them into vast electronic soundscapes.

Karinding Attack

Karinding Attack Karinding Attack have swapped their electric guitars for traditional bamboo instruments. A unique deviation from metal: “heavy bamboo”!

Senyawa feat. Patshiva Cie

Senyawa feat. Patshiva Cie NEW CREATION. The Senyawa duo combine bizarre instruments with traditional melodies peppered with howls, throat singing and growls. In collaboration with the Belgian choir, Patshiva.


Kande Kande have successfully breathed new life into the musical traditions of Aceh, integrating 16th century Sufi influences in their particular brand of rock.