• Meniti jejak - Sherli Novalinda © Ariel Kusuma Istyana
  • Otniel Tasman © Arief Budianto
  • Nan Jombang © Fionna Cullen
  • Cry Jailolo © by Bernie Ng Courtesy of Esplanade
  • Mugiyono Kasido Kabar Kabur © Nuri Aryati

Performing Arts

Performing Arts in Indonesia

Performing Arts in Indonesia Interview with Arco RenzThere are around 3,000 traditional dance styles in Indonesia. These traditions provide an endless source of inspiration for contemporary choreographers. EUROPALIA has drawn up an ambitious programme of performances, artistic residencies and international platforms for exchange and reflection.

Meg Stuart & Jompet Kuswidananto / Damaged Goods

Meg Stuart & Jompet Kuswidananto / Damaged Goods Celestial SorrowAmerican choreographer Meg Stuart and visual artist Jompet Kuswidananto explore contemporary Indonesia. Imaginary spaces - and the voices that resonate there - are the starting point of an adventurous search in unknown land.
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Stephen O'Malley & Wukir Suryadi

Stephen O'Malley & Wukir Suryadi Showcase: Carte blanche to Gisèle VienneJust like Meg Stuart, EUROPALIA INDONESIA gave theatre director Gisèle Vienne carte blanche to explore Indonesian culture.

Gisèle Vienne

Gisèle Vienne NEW CREATION. Carte BlancheGisèle Vienne received carte blanche to immerse herself in the magical world of Indonesian performative rituals full of masks and puppets, together with musician Stephen O'Malley and photographer Estelle Hanania.
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Monsoon Platform

Monsoon Platform Twenty-four Indonesian and European artists meet at Vooruit and STUK in an artistic blind date conceived by choreographer and curator, Arco Renz.

I Made Sidia

I Made Sidia Wayang kulit (Shadow puppets)In both workshops and performances, master I Made Sidia will present the ancient and world-famous art of shadow puppetry.

Sardono W Kusomo

Sardono W Kusomo I Dance with My Camera on my FingerThrough archive footage and his own experimental short films, this documentary reveals the man behind the legend of choreographer and filmmaker Sardono.

Moh. Hariyanto

Moh. Hariyanto G.H.U.L.U.R.Moh. Hariyanto from the Island of Madura has shot to international fame with G.H.U.L.U.R., choreography of rare power and violence using heavy, corrugated steel sheets.

Sherli Novalinda

Sherli Novalinda In the Footsteps of the BodyWith a simple yet powerful scenography, Sherli Novalinda proposes a moving choreography, focusing on the powerful body of the soloist Kurniadi Ilham.

Mugiyono Kasido

Mugiyono Kasido The RumorsIn his solo, The Rumors, dancer Mugiyono Kasido observes with acerbic humour the chaos that reigns in the society, economy and politics of his country.

I Gede Radiana Putra

I Gede Radiana Putra Baris DanceBaris, the traditional martial art dance of Bali, explores the full spectrum of emotions experienced by a young man leaving for war, from his initial fear to final victory.

Saman Gayo Lues

Saman Gayo Lues Saman DanceThe Gayo’s “dance of a thousand hands” performed by young, kneeling men who sing and use their bodies as percussion. Explosive energy!

Pencak silat

Pencak silat Pencak silat is the collective name for traditional Indonesian martial arts. Every region developed different styles, often mimicking local animals. Pencak silat has gotten very mixed with spiritual elements, in which the physical and the spiritual development go hand in hand.

Nan Jombang

Nan Jombang Whispering of ExileThe Nan Jombang dance company bases its superb and rigorous contemporary choreographies on Minang traditions, martial arts and percussion.

Balinese Dance Focus

Balinese Dance Focus Dance of the demon, Dance of the old man & Legong semaradhanaThis magnificent anthology of traditional Bali dances, including that of the demon and the old man, will be accompanied by the gamelan of master I Wayan Gde Yudane.

Nani Topeng Losari Cirebon

Nani Topeng Losari Cirebon Mask DanceAccompanied by a gamelan, the masked dance of Cirebon is known for the opulence of its costumes and colourful masks, which are given magical powers.


Rianto MediumRianto is a master of masked dance and the transgender lengger, to which he brings his own multimedia and urban interpretation.

Darlane Litaay

Darlane Litaay NEW CREATION. Morning Star Dark ValleyDarlane Litaay deconstructs the songs and dances of his native Papua in order to recompose them in choreography based on bodily and vocal vibrations.
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Otniel Tasman

Otniel Tasman Lengger LautChoreographer Otniel Tasman explores the blurred lines between genders in this modern take of the lengger, an erotic transgender dance of the Banyumas.

Otniel Tasman

Otniel Tasman NEW CREATION. NOSHEHEORITDancer and choreographer Otniel Tasman explores the grey zone between the genders in his modern interpretation of the lengger, a sensual transgender dance from Banyumas (Java).
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Melati Suryodarmo

Melati Suryodarmo NEW CREATION. Tomorrow, as PurposedIncorporating movements from the ancient pakarena dance of the Bugis, choreographer Melati Suryodarma explores the tragic effects of power on a personal and national level.
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Eko Supriyanto

Eko Supriyanto Cry JailoloWorking with seven young dancers from the fishing village of Jailolo, Eko drew inspiration from local underwater life to create a choreography that is as rich and fragile as a coral reef.

Eko Supriyanto

Eko Supriyanto Balabala In Jailolo, Eko worked with five young women on the martial art of pencak silat. His slow, rhythmic choreography is an ode to feminine strength.

Eko Supriyanto

Eko Supriyanto NEW CREATION. SALTIn his new solo, SALT, Eko returns to Jailolo to explore underwater anti-gravity. He dives beneath the surface of the ocean to try and master its forces.
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