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Agata Siniarska/ Madalina Dan
- Mothers of Steel
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Two futuristic female robots question the political power of grief

During this almost meditative crying marathon, two futuristic female beings question the mechanisms that turn personal emotions into political phenomena. Agata Siniarska and Madalina Dan embody two A.E.I (Artificial Emotional Intelligence) robots and, while weeping like real people, they watch a series of iconic moments from the past of their lost homelands, Poland and Romania. Using choreography, video and large sheets of white paper, which serve as both protest boards and hanging laundry, their tears of weakness become an act of political power.

Madalina Dan is a dancer, choreographer and playwright. She studied in Bucharest, Arizona, Vienna and the HZT Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz in Berlin. Her work has been shown in Utrecht, London, Prague, Berlin, Lyon, Vienna and New York. She is an active and award-winning member of the contemporary dance scene in Romania.

Agata Siniarska lives and works in Berlin. Her artistic practice includes performance, video, writing and research, currently around the theme of 'dance as a soft act of killing.' She co-founded the intersectional art collective Female Trouble and Pinpoint TV, an internet TV programme.

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Th Dec 5, 2019  — Fr Dec 6, 2019
Rue Notre Dame du Sommeil 81 - 1000 Brussels
ICR, EUROPALIA, Kaaitheater