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Alexander Arpeggio
& Maria Balabas
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Berlin producer meets eclectic Romanian singer and sound-artist

The rising Berlin producer Alexander Arpeggio meets Romania’s eclectic singer and sound- and field recording artist, Maria Balabas. His virtuosity as a producer finds a counterbalance in Maria’s diaphanous vocals and lyrics. Together they created an album with a hint to experimental synthesizer music in the 80ties.

Inspired by Bucharest and Berlin’s wintery neighbourhoods, vast post-communist boulevards and endless falling stars, DJ and producer Alexander Arpeggio worked for 2 weeks in residence with the Romanian singer, musicologist and journalist Maria Balabas. Through her show at the National Cultural Radio, she is one of Romania’s voices who spreads diverse contemporary music all over Romania.

Alexander Arpeggio is a DJ and founder of record labels EINE WELT and MONDMUSIK who focus on the re-release of obscure electronic private pressings which were made in the late 70s and early 80s. Arpeggio’s influences range from New Wave, Italo Disco and Minimal Synth to contemporary
electronic music.

During Europalia both artists will perform live together for the very first time to showcase what resulted from the residency.

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New creation for Europalia
Th Dec 5, 2019 00:00
Karl-Marx-Platz 16/18 - 12043 Berlin, Germany
Fr Dec 6, 2019 00:00
Avenue Van Volxem 364, 1190 Forest