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Dacia Felix
— Romania’s Glorious Past
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A fascinating encounter with six peoples of classical antiquity

Felix [Lat. (happy, fruitful, blessed)]

In 106 AD, the Romans added a new province to their already vast Empire: Dacia! It was located in what is today Romania, former homeland of the Dacians and Getae. For one time only, their magnificent gold and silver treasures are displayed in Belgium, in an atmospheric setting with grand images of spectacular landscapes

Romania has always been a cultural crossroads, once home to not only the Romans but also the Greeks, the Scythians and the Celts. What brought them to the region? What can we tell from their interactions with the locals? Embark on a journey, ever deeper in time, and discover everything there is to know about this period in history. A fascinating exhibition for the entire family!

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Gallo-Roman Museum
Sa Oct 19, 2019  — Su Aug 2, 2020
€ 10,00 | € 8,00
Kielenstraat 15, 3700 Tongeren
ICR, EUROPALIA, ADR-Vlaanderen, Vatra-Limburg, Atthis-Het-Belgisch-Roemeens Cultureel huis