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Dacia Felix -
Romania’s Glorious Past
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A fascinating encounter with six peoples of classical antiquity

Travel back in time to the distant past of Romania, a crossroads of cultures. Discover magnificent objects made by the Dacians and the Getae and learn about their dealings with the Romans, Greeks, Celts and Scythians in an atmospheric display with breathtaking film projections. It’s an exhibition that will appeal to the whole family.

In 106 A.D., the Romans added a massive territory to their already vast Empire. The new province was called Dacia. Located in present-day Romania, it was the ancient homeland of the Dacians and the Getae. The gold and silver riches that tell their story have been exceptionally allowed to leave the treasure chamber of the National Museum of Romanian History in Bucharest to travel to Belgium for one time only.

The exhibition will also showcase masterpieces of the Greeks, Celts and Scythians. Who were these cultural groups? What attracted them to the region? How did they interact with the local inhabitants? The answers are revealed by the artefacts they left behind.

On a fascinating journey ever further back in time, visitors will be introduced to these diverse populations, one by one, along the way. Their world will be brought to life through large-scale film projections of archaeological sites and natural landscapes. Specially for children, there will be an audioguide and game applications, so that they, too, can gain a full understanding.

In other words: come widen your horizons in a unique exhibition for the whole family. Discover the ancient history of this intriguing region of Europe so far from our own. After all, you didn’t think Dacia was just the name of a car, did you?

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Gallo-Roman Museum
Sa Oct 19, 2019  — Su Apr 26, 2020
Kielenstraat 15, 3700 Tongeren
ICR, EUROPALIA, ADR-Vlaanderen, Vatra-Limburg, Atthis-Het-Belgisch-Roemeens Cultureel huis