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Dan Pita
— Filip The Kind (1975)
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A young man looking for the balance in his future.

Fresh out of high-school and having failed his university entrance exams, Filip is faced with the existential crossroads that lie ahead. The sheltered claustrophobia of his family is also unravelling, revealing a family history of compromised ideals, personal resignations and moral thresholds of no return. With all this baggage, Filip will have to take stock and decide his future, according to the principles of a society he’s learning to understand and accept. In spite of the censors’ interventions, the film remains a soft-spoken gem, a debut marked by autobiographical elements and a distinctive visual style.

Preceded by a conversation with Florin Mihailescu (photo director) - Moderated by Dominique Nasta (ULB).

Filip The Kind is part of Rebels Without A Cause.

Subtitles: FR - EN


Directed by: Dan Pita

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Sa Dec 21, 2019 19:00
9 rue Baron Horta, 1000 Brussels