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Five female poets, five voices, three generations

Angela Marinescu, Moni Stanila, Floarea Tutuianu, Simona Popescu and Linda Maria Baros: five Romanian poets, five female voices, five different styles, three generations.

Angela Marinescu

Angela Marinescu (born Basaraba-Angela Marcovici on 8 July 1941 in Arad) is a contemporary Romanian poet. After her early neo-expressionist volumes, she has achieved in the 1980s and especially after 1989 critical acclaim with volumes such as Blindajul final (The Final Armour, 1981) in a style that has been described as "visceral", "confessional" and "radical". Contemporary female poets influenced by Angela Marinescu include Rodica Draghincescu, Saviana Stănescu, Elena Vlădăreanu, Miruna Vlada, Oana Cătălina Ninu, Crista Bilciu and others. In September 2006 she was awarded the Mihai Eminescu National Poetry Award for her work.

Floarea Țuțuianu

The Romanian poet Floarea Țuțuianu graduated from the Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of the Fine Arts in Bucharest and began publishing poetry only after the 1989 overthrow of the communist government. She has produced five books of poetry: The Fish Woman (Femeia pește, 1996); Libresse oblige (1998); The Lion Mark (Leul Marcu, 2000); a selected volume with new poems, The Art of Seduction (Arta seducției, 2002); and Your Magnificence (Mărinimia Ta, 2010). Țuțuianu works as a graphic designer at the Romanian Cultural Institute Publishing House in Bucharest, where she lives. Her artwork (the title-page contains an example from one of her drawings) has been exhibited in Germany, Italy, England, Poland, the United States, and Israel, as well as in Romania.

Moni Stanila

Moni Stanila (b. 1978) is an Orthodox Theology graduate from the Universities of Timișoara and Sibiu, Romania. Since 2010 Moni has lived in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova, where she has been working as a columnist for the most popular Romanian-language newspaper, Timpul de dimineata, and coordinating the Republica literary circle under the auspices of the National Library. She has published several books, of which the most recent is Colonia fabricii / The Factory’s Colony (2015).

Simona Popescu

Simona Popescu, poet, novelist and essayist, is a lecturer at the University of Bucharest, where she teaches the history of Romanian literature and conducts writing workshops. She has published five books of poetry (the last of which, Travaux en vert, has been partially translated into French and German), essays and two books of "criticism" devoted to the surrealist poet Gellu Naum.

Linda Maria Baros

Linda Maria Baros (1981) has published six collections of poetry and was awarded the Poetical Calling Prize 2004 and the prestigious Apollinaire Prize 2007, she now defends the cause as general secretary of the jury. In parallel, she has written two plays, as well as two literary studies, and translated over thirty books. In 2013, her poetry, which has already been published in several anthologies and reviews around the world, earned her an election to the Mallarmé Academy. Linda Maria Baros holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the Sorbonne University. In Paris, where she lives, she is general secretary of the Comparative Literature College, director of the Festival franco-anglais de poésie/French-English Poetry Festival and editor in chief of the international poetry and visual art review La Traductière.

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