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Bucharest Postpunk & Krautrock newcomers for the first time outside of Romania

Bucharest freshest talents ready to conquer the world! With the right Do-It-Yourself attitude these passionate creative spirits have caught our attention with a series of lo-fi recordings on their soundcloud page. Europalia invited them to do a 2 weeks residency in order to work on their debut release and tour. Stemming from its members experience in the years of socio-economic transition of Bucharests post-communist world, Deathbycoconut draws its inspiration and name out of the stupefied innocence of the wild-east ‘90s. It’s about the wasteful splurges of the neo-liberal turn of the century and the current never-ending downturn and policies of austerity.

The band members belong to a generation which was promised vacations in the tropics and ended up doing long-hours in low-paying jobs. Deathbycoconut voices this experience by recalling the dream of a tropical island in an ocean-wide dystopian wasteland.

As millennial consumption/production machines, Deathbycoconut cannot cease churning out energetic beats and catchy harmonies. Obsessively pulsating music that praises decadence with smart lyrics and spontaneous poetry. For lovers of Can, Sonic Youth, Silver Apples, Beak>.

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New creation for Europalia
We Nov 27, 2019 00:00
Karl-Marx-Platz 16/18 - 12043 Berlin, Germany
Ancienne Belgique
Th Nov 28, 2019 00:00
Boulevard Anspach 110, 1000 Brussels
Le Vecteur
Fr Nov 29, 2019 20:30
Rue de Marcinelle 30, 6000 Charleroi
ICR, EUROPALIA, le Vecteur, asbl Orbitale