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Double bill - Alex Simu Quintet / John Ghost
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Romanian chamber music with a touch of Ghent jazz

Clarinettist Alex Simu creates music and compositions based on his vision and experience of his hometown, Bucharest, and its rich history. Listeners hears pure folk sounds, the dramatic influences of the Ottoman Empire and the Phanariotic era, the illusion of little Paris, two world wars, the communist regime and contemporary Bucharest. All these echoes come to life in his music. The album Echoes of Bucharest, recorded with the Alex Simu Quintet, was released in 2017 to wide acclaim from the press and audiences worldwide.

George Enescu’s orchestral compositions echo throughout the chamber music of Alex Simu’s acoustic quintet. The internationally acclaimed clarinettist, saxophonist and composer has reworked the symphonic suites into contemporary jazz improvisations. The folkloric themes in Enescu’s work become modern conversations between musicians with a different cultural identity and artistic background. Impressionist harmonies in written scores become changing colour tones within new jazz structures. Due to the music’s instrumental versatility, the quintet manages to rework Enescu’s rich orchestrations into minimalist landscapes. Their cinematographic approach to musical language results in a lively soundtrack. Enescu’s symphonic suites are rarely performed by orchestras in Europe. Echoes of Enescu invites you to reconnect with forgotten musical masterpieces. Both classical music and jazz lovers will appreciate this unique modern deconstruction.

Alex Simu: clarinets & orchestrations/ Franz Von Chossy: piano/ George Dumitriu: viola,guitar/
Mattia Magatelli: double bass/ Kristijan Krajncan: cello,drums

John Ghost (Ghent) combines technically strong compositions, beautiful harmonies and tight turns with moments of pure sound experimentation. This jazz band does not adhere to one particular style, but supplements improvisation with rich traditions and modern influences, a symbiosis between Steve Reich, Nils Frahm and Jaga Jazzist.

Rob Banken: reeds/ Wim Segers: vibraphone/ Jo De Geest: guitare, compositions/ Karel Cuelenaere: keys/ Lieven Van Pée: double basse/ Elias Devoldere: drums

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Handelsbeurs Concertzaal
Th Nov 28, 2019 20:15
Kouter 29 - 9000 Gent
ICR, EUROPALIA, Handelsbeurs Concertzaal