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Florian Mitrea
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A composer’s sorrow

British-Romanian pianist Florian Mitrea presents Dramma... per musica, an inspiring recital that explores how early 20th century composers expressed feelings triggered by dramatic events in their music.

In Sonata D784, Mitrea interprets the turbulent depiction of the depression to which Franz Schubert succumbed when the first symptoms of his fatal illness appeared. Next, he brings a poignant rendition of the op. 19 Piano Pieces, which Arnold Schoenberg was working on when Mahler, whom he intensely admired, suddenly died. The very next day, Schoenberg composed the last piece in the op. 19 cycle, which is imbued with a feeling of void and desolation. Mitrea also performs Sonata op. 82, Sergey Prokofiev’s first War Sonata and a terrifying work inspired by the psychological oppression inflicted by war.

Florian Mitrea (°1989, Bucharest) has been based in the UK since 2008, when his early passion for the piano led him to a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He enjoys frequent success at international piano competitions, being a major prize winner in 2018 at the International Music Competition Harbin, ROSL London, and the New York Piano Festival. Florian has performed in the US, the UK, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Japan and South Korea.

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Su Jan 12, 2020 11:00
€ 12,00
Rue Ravenstein 23 - 1000 Brussels