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George Arion
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George Arion is a famous Romanian crime writer, poet, essayist, librettist and journalist.

In the framework of Soirée Polar with George Arion @ Bibliothèque Sésame

The literary debut of legendary crime writer George Arion, Attack in the Library, paved the way for the rebirth of the Romanian crime novel. In his work, he makes short shrift of communist propaganda and uses evocative language and extraordinary irony and humour. In Soirée Polar, Arion attempts to uncover why the crime genre is once again enjoying so much popularity.

George Arion (born April 5, 1946 in Tecuci) is a Romanian crime writer. He is also a poet, essayist, librettist and journalist. He is the Chairman of the Flacăra Publications, Chairman of the "Flacăra Prizes" foundation and Chairman of the Romanian Crime Writers’ Club.

His literary debut came in 1966 with the publishing of a collection of poems. But it is in 1983 that his novel-writing carrier really starts, with the publishing of Attack in the Library. Thanks to his first novel, George Arion quickly became known as the initiator of a renewal of the Romanian crime novel. He effectively gave a new impulse to the genre by having a refreshing foundation. He raised the literary standards and moved them away from their mostly propagandist use at the time.

George Arion stands out through an alert rhythm, short phrases, the use of colored language by his characters, a good dose of humour and an extraordinary irony, which are still his trademark. One can recognise the influences of Raymond Chandler, Boileau-Narcejac, San Antonio.

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