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In de Wind – Aan de Wand :
Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkacova
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Humain hair is big business

For Anetta Mona Chisa (°1975, Nadlac) and Lucia Tkacova (°1977), hair is an extremely political issue. The way we wear our hair is not only an indicator of economic and social status, political persuasion, religious affiliation, cultural tradition, etc., but also a global industry and business. Hair is collected at primarily “third-world manufacturers” for a mostly “first-world clientele”.

Human hair is big business. It tells stories of transnationalism and exploitation, biopolitics and bioeconomics, the male and Western gaze on beauty and femininity, imperialism, and colonialism. These narratives are the point of departure for an extravagant flag that starts on the flagpole high up above the theatre’s tower and ends as “writing on the wall” in the foyer.

Curators: Luk Lambrecht en Lieze Eneman

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Cultuurcentrum Strombeek
Fr Oct 18, 2019  — Th Dec 12, 2019
€ 0,00
Gemeenteplein 1 - B-1853 Grimbergen